protect your home from burglary

Being a thief is one of the oldest professions in the book, and as we all know, robbers and burglars are not going to go away any time soon. That is why you should think a way to protect your home from burglary. Burglary is a worry for many people, whether they are worrying about their own home, a property that they rent out or a holiday home. In fact, these last two types of properties can be more at risk as they are more likely to be left unoccupied for large periods of time.

However, here are some things you could do to try to protect your home from burglary and go wherever and whenever you want free of stress and concern.


  • Invest in new lighting- timed lighting, remote control lighting or motion-sensing lights


One of the most popular (and most successful) tricks in the book is to make sure you leave a light on in the property when you go out. It gives the impression that your house is occupied and a robber is less likely to break into a home when someone is there. However, leaving them on all the time might not be the best thing for your energy bill or the environment. So you could always purchase a timer or invest in a wireless lighting system. In that way you can control your lights from your phone, wherever you are in the world. If you are looking to refurbish your home, this will be a great and worthwhile investment. There are some great high-tech options on the market now, including smart bulbs and smart plugs!

Thieves also do not want to be seen. So you could invest in some motion sensing lights outside your home or in the communal areas of your apartment block that would turn on and literally shine a light on any suspicious behaviour!


  • Set up a scene to make it look like you have just left the room


As tempting as it is to leave your home neat and tidy before you go somewhere, it is a great idea to set up some casual scenes around your home. Try to make it look like you are there and have just gone to another room. Anyone who breaks into your house or looks through your windows will see a house full of life. Therefore, they would probably not dare risk burgling! You could leave a full cup of coffee and an open book or magazine on the coffee table. Try and get creative, the options are endless!


  • Close the blinds in bedrooms before you go away


A house which has all the blinds and curtains open in the middle of the night is a sure sign that no one is at home. In addition, it can easily be seen from the street. Close the blinds or curtains in bedrooms before you go away. Perhaps leave them open in the living room, dining room and kitchen, as it looks more natural to have some open and some closed.


  • Install a fancy security system to protect your home and make sure the burglars know about it!


This could include a security door, an alarm system and security cameras. There are many great options on the market right now, including ones where, wherever you are in the world, you will be alerted if anything is wrong and some where the police are immediately called! You could even control from your smart phone if someone is breaking into your property with security camera. The investment would be well worth it and if you are looking to refurbish your home, it is the perfect time to add these great additions.


protect your home from burglary
Image by Gerd Altmann / Pixabay


These installations also act as a great deterrent to burglars as they make it a whole lot harder to get in and out without being caught, so make sure they know you have them by putting up signs around your house and by your front door.


  • Do not leave valuables on display in the house or invest in a good, non-portable safe.


When you leave the house, do not leave valuables, such as expensive jewellery, laptops, cash or credit cards on display. Anyone can look through your windows and want them for themselves, including burglars. You could try to hide them in unexpected places. Take them with you when you go out or buy a high-quality safe to leave them in. You might want to make sure it is a built-in safe though. Otherwise a burglar could just walk straight out of your house with it!


  • Only tell people you trust that you will be away and do not post about it on the Internet


As tempting as it is to post holiday snaps of the great time you are having on social media platforms, there is no easier way for thieves to know exactly when you are away, making your home incredibly vulnerable. You should let as few people as possible know you will not be at home. This minimises the risk of the information about your holiday getting into the wrong hands.


  • See if you can register to have the police check up on your home


In some places, if you let the police know when you will be away, they will add you to a list of houses to go and check on each day. It act as a deterrent for a burglar if they see the police patrolling the area. Also, it will give you peace of mind that your home is being looked after. They do not do this everywhere but it is definitely something to consider doing if you have the chance.


  • Do not let people you do not recognise into your apartment block


If you live in an apartment block, you are probably used to seeing strangers going in and out of your building. It is actually one of the reasons apartments are more popular with burglars than houses. They can get in so easily and no one is suspicious! Next time you see someone you do not recognise trying to enter the building, do not immediately allow them access as you never know who they could be. Your home could be their next target.


  • Send someone you trust around to check on your home


There are many useful things this person can do whilst there. It includes feeding any pets, watering the plants and generally checking if everything is okay. However, it is essential that they do certain things like collecting post that may be piling up in your mailbox. This can be a sign to burglars that no one is at home. Thieves stick commercial flyers to doors and mark the houses where they are not removed as unoccupied. They later come back and break into them.


  • Protect ALL your keys


Of course, when you go away you will remember your house keys so you can get back in. But it is so important to remember to take with you (or at least hide) keys to other entrances and windows in your house. For example, it is so easy to leave keys to windows on the windowsill whilst you are at home. All this means is a burglar can smash the window, reach the key and let themselves in as if you had offered it to them!

Also remember to keep the keys to cars or motorbikes hidden as these are excellent targets with thieves.


  • Protect your doors amd change your locks!


If you rent or have just bought a new home, make sure the locks were changed before you moved in. You never know how many previous tenants have a key to your door. Copies could have been made or it could simply have fallen into the wrong hands.


protect your home from burglary
Image by Neshom / Pixabay


  • Finally, be vigilant and look out for any suspicious occurrences around your home and neighbourhood


If other people in your area have been robbed, it is possible that you will also become a target. Always be on the look out for news and always remember to take precautions. As luck always goes, the one time you forget to be extra careful is when the thieves come knocking.


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